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Associate Professor at the Marine Biology Department,
Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)


Ph.D. in Ecology and Natural Resources, UFSCar–São Carlos, SP, Brazil (1994–1998).My general
expertise includes marine ecology and coral reef ecology. I have been working on reef systems along the
Brazilian coast and in the Atlantic. Ongoing collaborations span many levels of biological organization,
including (but not exclusive to) population and community dynamics as well as macroecology.

Collaborations involve a team of national and international scientists. I am willing to supervise
outstanding independent students who can bring their own research questions, regardless they focus on
specific organisms, general processes or holistic scenarios that can help understanding reef systems
functionality and support conservation goals.

I live in a city on the rocky coast of Rio de Janeiro State, Arraial do Cabo (23ºS, 42ºW),where a unique
fusion of tropical and subtropical marine biodiversity takes place. While biodiversity flourish,the region
has multiple uses and impacts with protected areas yet to be established. This scenario is ideal for the
development of hypotheses concerned with human use of natural resources and their associated
impacts on biodiversity. Biodiversity is my passion and source of inspiration – as a researcher who has
been diving in this region for three decades I have unfortunately witnessed tremendous loss of

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