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Mar de Tartaruga

Arraial do Cabo is a Brazilian municipality known as “Brazilian diving capital”, and every year hundreds of tourists are attracted, captivated
by marine life and especially by the presence of sea turtles. Despite the fame generated by the presence of the turtles, there is little
scientific information about them, and little knowledge of the local population and tourists is noted about these animals. The “Mar de
Tartaruga” project appears to supply this demand, being structured in three principles: 1. Promote community involvement in marine
conservation; 2. Disseminate scientific information about sea turtles; 3. Reinforce good diving practices.

For this we have developed digital materials that are posted on our instagram (@mardetartaruga), aiming to reach the residents of
Arraial do Cabo, professional divers and tourists. In these posts, we provide an explanation of how to collaborate with the project,
conduct interactive activities to understand the public’s doubts. To collaborate, the public is invited to send photos of the turtles, and
we ask professional divers to complete physical or virtual forms with questions about the dives and the turtles sighted. From the
material received, we carry out the photo-identification and estimate the time these individuals live in Arraial do Cabo, the places with
the highest frequency of sea turtles, and we follow individual characteristics, such as injuries and diseases.