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The sixth International Marine Conservation Congress was held from 15-28 August. Originally the event was
supposed to occur in Kiel, Germany. However, in light of the current challenges of the covid-19 pandemic, the
organizers have decided to change from an in-person meeting to an online event. There were over one thousand
participants who were able to engage in more than 60 thematic tables. The diversity setting of plenaries covered
topics from sustainability, ecology, social ecology to new scientific technologies. During the event, the researchers
Juliana Fonseca, Isabela Ferreira, Ana Clara Suhett and Aléxia Neves had the opportunity to present their studies.
Juliana Fonseca discussed results on sea turtles distribution on a foraging area and an overview of the educational
program conducted by Projeto Costão Rochoso. Isabela Neves presented results on the use of citizen science and
photographic-identification to survey sea turtles. Ana Clara presented the first results on nuclear-follower fish
associations and her recently published article. Aléxia Lessa discussed her findings regarding the reef fishes
community structure in a shallow rocky reef. The event was crucial for the debate and exchange of information on
scientific advances and conservation strategies.