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  The 1st Brazilian Reef Meeting was held between the 6th and 8th of July and took place virtually, obeying the rules of
social distance in times of pandemic. The event, even online, brought together more than a thousand simultaneous
spectators and more than 1000 registrants, which were distributed among scientists in the area, early-career
students, and those curious about the reef environments, in addition to people from all over Brazil and abroad. It
was conceived by LECAR’s post-doc, César Cordeiro, and members LECAR and LECOM-UFRN researchers.
During the three days, nine round tables were held with different themes ranging from the primordial knowledge of
coral reefs, integration of science-society-politics, to the latest technologies that are being used for research in this
environment. The usual presentations of scientific works also took place virtually, the authors sent videos about
their respective works that were made available via YouTube for transmission to all participants of the event. The
integration of researchers and listeners was of great importance, there were many moments of debates and
reflections on how studies in the reef areas will continue to occur during and after the pandemic. This was the first
event in the country aimed exclusively at the reef audience and in 2021 we hope it can take place in person. For
those interested, all round tables, chats, and all works are on the Event’s YouTube channel (@encontrorecifalbr),
available for viewing whenever and wherever you want. The event took place at the Global Coral Reef Week, which
was also held virtually with lectures by several researchers from the Caribbean among other countries, the CRWG
program is also available on the Brazilian meeting channel. That’s it, see you in 2021 with much more EreBra !!!