Logotipo Lecar


Professor Nils Kautsky (Stockholm University, Sweden) and Dr. Charlotte Berkström (Stockholm University, Sweden)
visited LECAR in March. They have both extensive knowledge of tropical marine ecosystems and are
co-supervising PhD student Linda Eggertsen. Activities included a field trip to Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro State,
and a field trip to Arraial d’Ajuda in South Bahia State, where Linda Eggertsen collected data on seascape ecology
and reef fish distribution for her PhD thesis. Sandy beaches, shallow coastal reefs and several smaller rives lined
with mangroves, characterize this coastline. Field work was done at three shallow reef systems along the coast;
Recife de Fora, Coroa Alta and Araripe Reef. The reef structures consist of sandstone and coral, and the seascape
include seagrass and macroalgal beds, intertidal rocky reefs and subtidal coral reefs with high coral cover. This
project was realized partly with funding from Stockholm University, and partly with support from the Coral Vivo project
in Arraial d’Ajuda, who provided boat and lodging for part of the time. Obrigada!