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Workshops: work group for fishing management in St Peter and St Paul Archipelago

A second round of the work group for the management plan in St Peter and St Paul Archipelago, now having part of
its area as no-take zone (MONA), happen last week at SECIRM in Brasília. The group gathered together
sectors of the Brazilian Navy, Mining and Energy Ministry (MME), Chico Mendes Institute for biodiversity (ICMBio),
Brazilian Research Funding Agency (CNPq) and researchers, including Ronaldo Francini and Carlos Ferreira from
SISBIOTA-MAR research network. The main topics discussed were the maintaining of pelagic fishing over tuna,
wahoo and other few pelagic species, while demersal reef fish is finally prohibited for capture. As long lines were
banned in 2012, sharks abundance increased in the region, indicated by ongoing telemetry and BRUVs sampling.
Now, with demersal fishes protected, more one important step back to pristinely was given. The next meeting will
happen yet this year, and will be organized by ICMBio with focus on the establishment of a manager-council and
construction of management plan of the recent conservation units created.

For a critical view of the process, access this article published by LECAR team members.

2nd meeting for fishing management work group of the St Paul and St Peter Archipelago

Written by: Carlos Ferreira October/2018