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During 06 to 10 August, researchers from many countries of Americas attended the AmeriGEOSS Marine
Biodiversity Workshop: from the Sea to the Cloud. The postdocs of LECAR, Cesar Cordeiro, Juan Quimbayo,
Vinicius Giglio and the project manager Moysés Barbosa also attended the meeting.

The initiative is coordinated by the Pole to Pole Marine Biodiversity Observation Network of the Americas (P2P) and
will engage participants in marine biodiversity assessments in the field and behind the computer that promote a
community of best practices. Specifically, the activities adressed: 1) collect field data across multiple habitats; 2)
manipulate data for standardized data formats, while controlling for quality; 3) publish datasets to OBIS, using tools
for sharing data; 4) train on data science tools (R, Rmarkdown, Github) to mine data, conduct discovery and
analysis; and 5) produce reproducible research documents with interactive visualizations onto the web.

The workshop was realized in the Marine Biology Center from Universidade de São Paulo (CEBIMAR). It targets
investigators and resource managers dedicated to studying and conserving biodiversity of invertebrates in two
important coastal habitats: rocky shore intertidal areas and sandy beaches. This activity targets participants from all
nations in the Americas, from pole to pole.

Check the workshop website here

Workshop participants