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The IMCC is the marine section of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) and after its fifth edition held in
Kuching, Malaysia, from 22 to 28th of June, the forum has been established as one of the most important for marine
scientists working on marine conservation and management. Borneo Island lays inside the Coral Triangle, the
center of marine diversity in the world, and the conference was a great opportunity to many scientists, specially from
Malaysia and Pacific Islands, to attend and present their data and exchange experiences with worldwide marine
scientists. Cadu Ferreira, Cesar Cordeiro and Moyses Barbosa were there showing different results of the Projeto
Costão Rochoso developed at Arraial do Cabo, Southeastern Brazilian coast. Data on community structure and
tagging results for roving herbivorous fishes, recreational fishing of reef fishes and governance for MPAs
establishment were the main subjects presented by the LECAR team in the IMCC5. The next IMCC will be held in
Germany and promises to be an important event for the debate new ideas, experiences and solutions for
conservation issues.

Written by: Cadu Ferreira 07/2018

LECAR team (Cesar Cordeiro, Moyses Barbosa and Cadu Ferreira) at the inaugural ceremony.

Cadu Ferreira presenting parrotfish tagging data.

LECAR team and other Brazilian delegates at the final ceremony.

Kuching view