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Brazilian environmental agencies are working to create new marine protected areas on oceanic islands

Public consultancies for discussion on the creation of new marine protected areas (MPAs) on Saint Peter and Saint
Paul Archipelago, and Trindade and Martim-Vaz islands will be performed in the next days.

Both archipelagos are considered important areas for conservation. They have high rates of endemism and
species threatened mainly because of overfishing that has reduced the abundance of reef fishes. The creation of
new MPAs aiming to establish large protected areas as a strategy to manage the territorial sea and the exclusive
economic zone, gathering environmental conservation and national sovereignty.

Carlos Ferreira, the Lab head is involved in the creation of both marine protected areas.

You can support the initiative by sign the letter to Brazilian president, Michel Temer, requesting MPAs creation.
Please access this link: http://redeprouc.org.br/campanhas/eahoradomar/

The proposal of MPAs creation and press release from Brazilian government can be accessed through this link [in
Portuguese]: http://www.icmbio.gov.br/portal/ultimas-noticias/20-geral/9425-icmbio-promove-consultas-publicas

Trindade island. Foto: João Luis Gasparini

Saint Peter and Saint Paul archipelago.


Written by: Vinicius J. Giglio February 2018