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Courses: Ecology, Evolution and Conservation of Reef Fishes

Between the days 26th and 31st of January 2015, happened in Tamandaré, Recife the “Ecology, Evolution and
Conservation of Reef Fishes” course. Being responsible for the course Dr. Carlos E. L. Ferreira (UFF), Dr. Sérgio R.
Floeter (UFSC) and Dra. Beatrice Padovani (UFPE), this also counted with the special contribution of Dra. Roberta
Bonaldo (USP), Dr. Mauro Maida (UFPE), Dr. Ronaldo Francini-Filho (UFPB), Dr. Luiz Rocha (CAL Academy -
USA), Dr. Howard Choat (James Cook University - AU), Dr. Kendall Clements (University of Auckland - NZ) and Dr.
Michel Kulbicki (IRD - University of Perpignan).

The main topics discussed were characterization and definition of reef systems, characteristics, adaptations and
specializations of reef fishes, cycle characteristics of life, diversity gradients, abundance and distribution,
biogeography, evolution of reef fishes, trophic ecology, interactions and management and conservation of these

Sale 1978 said “Ecologists do not live very long. Unless we start making long-term studies, we are not in a
position to make firm statements about community stability – global or local. There is no evidence of which I am
aware that demonstrates long-term local stability in reef fish communities. Lack of change over one year means
little, and the common assumption that all tropical communities are stable may not be valid”.

Thus, it is up to each student of this course make the best use of the knowledge of these big names in the World
reef fish ecology and make ecologists live longer for a better understanding and conservation of these systems.