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  Cooperations: LECAR visit to AquaRio

Last wednesday, June 7, LECAR staff had made a technical visit to the AquaRio. The aquarium was
inaugurated in November of 2016; with 26,000 m2 of area and 4,5 million water litters, it is the biggest aquarium of
South America. Apart from the several aquariums and more than 350 different species, the installations include a
quarantine area with several tanks and aquarium batteries with ample opportunities for research. The visit was
guided to establish partnerships of LECARĀ“s graduate students, and thus open opportunities for them to develop
experimental research in vitro. The visit also make possible to establish a cooperation focussing on training the
AquaRio technical staff on reef fish ecology and conservation issues, beyond establish a cooperative outreach
program on reef conservation using the AquaRio structure.

Quarentine area includes many tanks and aquarium batteries with running sea water.

LECAR team after the visit.

Written by: Ana Cecilia Rigueti at 06/2017