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  Publications: Rapid depletion of a large-sized grouper in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil

A recent paper published in Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation investigated historical catches of the
Atlantic Goliath grouper, Epinephelus itajara, through spearfishers’ knowledge. Results revealed a significant
decline in catches among spearfisher generations along three decades (1975-2008). Today, the species is
protected by a fishing moratorium and do not show signals of population recovery because of poaching. Dive
tourism is encouraged as a non-extractive use of the species.

Photo: Spearfishing catches in a single day at 1972 in Arraial do Cabo.

Giglio VJ, Bender MG, Zapelini C, Ferreira CEL. 2017. The end of the line? Rapid depletion of a
large-sized grouper through spearfishing in a subtropical marginal reef. Perspectives in Ecology
and Conservation. DOI: 10.1016/j.pecon.2017.03.006 PDF

Written by: Vinicius Giglio at 05/2017