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  Publications: Cleaning interactions at the only atoll in the South Atlantic

In this paper, we analyzed the cleaning interactions performed by fishes and shrimps at the only atoll in the South
Atlantic Ocean, Rocas atoll. Through video and photos, we recorded 318 cleaning interactions in which six fishes
and two shrimps cleaned 21 bone fishes, one shark and one sea turtle. Thalassoma noronhanum and Elacatinus
, considered facultative and dedicated cleaner, respectively, performed most of the cleaning events.
Our results indicate that Rocas atoll has a high species richness of cleaner species despite its small size and
highlight the importance of studies of cleaning symbiosis, even in isolated places with low species richness, for a
better comprehension of this association in reefs.

A: Elacatinus phthirophagus; B: Thalassoma noronhanum; C: A group of parrotfish Sparisoma axillare, waiting for
being cleaned by the Thalassoma noronhanum; D: Lysmata grabhami cleaning the gills of Holocentrus

Quimbayo J.P., Nunes L.T., Ozekoski R., Floeter S.R., Morais R.A., Fontoura L., Bonaldo R.M., Ferreira C. E.
L.,Sazima I. (2017) Cleaning interactions at the only atoll in the South Atlantic. Environmental Biology of
Fishes.doi:10.1007/s10641-017-0612-3 PDF