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A recent paper published in Journal of Fish Biology investigated the effects of temperature and wave exposure
gradients associated with the variation in spatial patterns of reef fishes at an upwelling region of Cabo Frio. The
locally observed patterns mirror large-scale latitudinal patterns for these species along the entire Brazilian coast but
in relatively small spatial scales of a few kilometers. Also, few considerations are drawn concerning the functional
classification of some nominally herbivorous species and possible implications for the understanding fish
assemblages’ structure, trophic relations and species management.

Herbivorous fishes investigated in this study: Sparissoma axillare, Kyphosus vaigensis, Acanthurus chirurgus and
Diplodus argenteus.

Reference: Cordeiro CAMM, Mendes TC, Harbone AR, Ferreira CEL. 2015. Spatial distribution of nominally
herbivorous fishes across environmental gradients on Brazilian rocky reefs. Journal of Fish Biology. DOI:
10.1111/jfb.12849 (disponible for free download in the publications section).

Written by: Cesar Cordeiro