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Expeditions: Archipelago of Saint Paul's Rocks 
Laying in the middle of the ocean, as a tip of the Atlantic Middle-ridge is the São Pedro e São Paulo Archipelago.

The LECAR team composed by the researchers Cesar Cordeiro and Moyses Cavichioli sailed on the 1st day of
2015 heading to this far away paradise. The trip until the Archipelago lasted 86h onboard the fishery boat Transmar
III, which works to Brazilian Navy transporting researchers to the scientific station at the archipelago. During this trip,
that will last for two weeks, the researchers will continue the monitoring program of the oceanic islands of Brazil.

Among monitoring activities are included fish censuses, benthic surveys, sampling of algal specimens, and the
register of populational parameters of the red rock crab (Grapsus grapsus). There’s a huge effort of the whole team
to reach these distant places, but every expedition is rewarded with lots of insights, valuable data and great stories.

Fair winds and following seas to them!