Logotipo Lecar

I have a degree in Biological Sciences with a Master degree in Aquaculture and Ph.D. in
Marine Biology. My main interests are ecology and biology of reef fish, fishery impact,
aquaculture, management and conservation of marine biodiversity, with a focus on reef
environments and oceanic islands.

Currently, I am working as a project manager for the Brazilian Government’s “PELD” (Long
Duration Monitoring Program of reef community on oceanic islands) responsible for
scheduling, planning and coordinating scientific field fieldtrips along the Brazilian oceanic
islands. Also I am currently investigating how different types of fishing methods in reef
environments put stress and pressure on the marine ecosystem. Since different categories
of fishing methods have distinct impacts on the marine environment, in my doctoral thesis I
investigate the characteristics and impacts of the recreational fishery in a protected
multiple-use area (Marine Extractive Reserve of Arraial do Cabo - RJ). Various types of
recreational fishing were analyzed as well as the consequences of each method in the
targeted fish species.

I also have relevant scientific experience of parasite immunology (production and evaluation
of potential candidate vaccine antigens), cultivation of marine fish (breeding, hatchery and
feeding), and within the industrial fishery, as an onboard scientific observer.

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